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What Is Christianity?

The word ‘Christian’ can be confusing. It simply means someone who follows Jesus Christ.

1. Being a Christian is individual. A Christian is someone with a living, personal relationship with God based on trusting in God’s Son, Jesus Christ. Through God’s living Book, the Bible, we find out about Jesus and God’s amazing promises to those who trust in Him. In our use of the word ‘Christian’ we are not referring to religion or rule-keeping or the common cultural label of ‘Christian’.

2. Being a Christian is corporate. Christians belong to one another as members of the same family and gather in local churches to hear God speak through the Bible, to pray and sing together and to encourage each other to live in response to what God has done in Jesus Christ. 


We run two different courses to help people find out more, Christianity Explored and Life Explored.

We are going to run an excellent short online course to help people find out more.  This is called Hope Explored and will run on 3 Wednesday evenings in January.  For more info click here.

The courses are especially designed for those who don’t consider themselves to be Christians or religious, but also for churchgoers and those of faith who want to explore deeper what life and Christianity is all about.  Both courses allow people to investigate the basics and ask any question they wish, in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.  We normally meet one evening a week, for 7 weeks and each evening is 1 – 1½ hours long.

Christianity Explored – featuring short videos and bible discussion we will look at one of the historical accounts of Jesus’ life (Mark’s Gospel) as we consider who Jesus is, why he came and the free gift of life he offers to all.

Life Explored – featuring short videos and bible discussion we will look at why we struggle to find happiness, fulfilment and peace and discover, from looking at the big bible story, how God offers us the best gift in the universe.

For information or to join the next course contact the church office.

For more general information about the courses or what Christanity is all about visit

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