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Staff and Leadership

Meet our staff team and elders.  Our staff exists to serve the church family.  It does so under the oversight of the eldership, who are in turn appointed by the membership of the church.
 Staff Team 2022

01 Ed    
Ed Neill - Lead Pastor   Vac- Assistant Pastor
Ed joined Grosvenor as Assistant Pastor in 2009 and has served as Lead Pastor since 2013.  Prior to this he worked at a number of churches in the UK, before studying at Oak Hill Theological College, in North London.
He is married to Miriam and has three children.  He grew up in Dublin and Wicklow.  He hasn’t written any books, doesn’t mind what coffee he drinks (as long as it’s not instant) and thinks that resting means days out with the family, swimming, hiking, tennis, etc.
  Peter has been assistant pastor in Grosvenor since 2018. He and his wife got involved in the church family when they moved to Dublin in 2014. At this time Peter was working with Christian Unions Ireland on the campuses around Dublin. Prior to this they lived in Mississippi where Peter studied at bible college.
Peter and his wife have three boys. He grew up in Tipperary and he enjoys documentaries, music, coffee, and adventures with the famil
ConorConor Deering - Youth Pastor   leanneLeanne Smyth - Women & Children’s Bible teacher
Conor has been at Grosvenor since August 2022. He grew up in Fermanagh and Lisburn before moving to England where he studied, worked (a Church then a school), and studied again. A good day off includes friends, family, football and a good film.   Leanne joined Grosvenor in September 2022 having just moved back from the UK where she first went for further studies and worked as a designer florist.

During which time she began training for full time ministry, working in churches in North Wales and Hertfordshire.

Having grown up in a big family and on a farm just outside Castleblayney she loves people, animals, adventures, fun, good food and the sea!
Valerie 13.8.2021   PSX 20191203 105932
Valerie Glazier - Office Staff   Richard Barkley - Administrator
A former librarian, Valerie started volunteering in Grosvenor after taking early retirement to avoid transferring out of Dublin. She had managed the Office of Public Works library service – headquarters, National Botanic Gardens and Farmleigh libraries and twelve collections in heritage sites. In Grosvenor she brings together and shares information via a Newsletter and otherwise. She is married to Aubrey, who is music coordinator there. She enjoys the countryside, walking, gardening, reading, speaking French, cooking and having guests. She and Aubrey are eclipse chasers and have visited all the continents except the icy ones…   Richard has been acting as Church Administrator on a voluntary basis since 2007. He also covers the roles of Treasurer/Finance Deacon, Trustee and Church Secretary. Having retired from a career in banking, he is also involved on the board of Tearfund Ireland. He enjoys classical music, international travel (when possible) and sharing good food.


Jonathan Shaw
Ken Forbes
David Stevens
Ed Neill
Dermot Flanagan
Richard Barkley (as Church Secretary)

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